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Victory for GAG! Fed Ex Drops NRA

Two years ago this December we went after the NRA’s Business Alliance which was then comprised of Wyndham, Hertz, and FedEx. 

Ken Kidd, Kevin Gotkin and Jacob Moore organized an incredible three tier action; 

Paul Rowley created a video announcement for the campaign. 

After Parkland, leaders of the Youth GVP movement called out businesses for their relationship with the NRA. In March, as an act of solidarity with the larger GVP movement GAG went to NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA and filmed a parody video of companies who had cut ties with the NRA. 

The video was a recreation of the “So Long, Farewell” moment in the Sound of Music. This action was organized by Jeremy Tjhung, Virginia Vitzthum, Frank Gargiulo, Sandi Bachom, BrigidMary McGinn, Jay W. Walker and Kevin Hertzog. As part of our direct action efforts around the #boycottfedx campaign, GAG chapters came together and started doing monthly Coast-to-Coast actions at local FedEx stores. 

We started in May with a 26 Hour presence outside a Bryant Park FedEx organized by Tim Murphy and continued eventually taking the message to commuters at Penn Station/ NJ Transit. Today we learned that FedEx has cut ties with the NRA. 

Direct action works. 

The NRA is losing. 

#gaysagainstguns #activismiswhatlovelooklikeinpublic #sashayawaynra 

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