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Mass Shooting Jacksonville, Fla. GAG Pressures NRA Enabler FedEx

 In the wake of another Mass Shooting - this one in Jacksonville, Fla - Gays Against Guns picketed NRA Business Alliance partner Federal Express in GAG’s SECOND EVER national action! 

Once again, we DEMANDED that FedEx end it’s unholy business alliance and discount program with the NRA and its members. 

After the Parkland shooting, EVERY OTHER major corporation ended their discount program with the National Rifle Association EXCEPT FOR FEDEX. 

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! And we will NOT STOP PROTESTING until they agree to end it. We’ll be at FedEx locations ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY every 26th of the month (to highlight the 26% discount that FedEx offers to NRA members) and we’ll become INCREASINGLY DISRUPTIVE to ensure that we’re taken seriously. 

#GINFront #FedEx #NRA #jacksonvillefla

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