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GAG Joins March on the NRA In DC and NYC

GAG did double- duty today. A team of 50+ GAGGERS joined thousands of other GVP activists for the national March on The NRA in Fairfax, VA and a group of NYC GAGS stayed here in town at a a sister March on The NRA rally.

Today was nothing short of incredible for both our group and for the larger GVP movement. The energy in both VA and NY was off the charts! Many longstanding GVP groups ( and leaders) and newer groups ( and leaders) came together as one unified whole. To say that it was energizing would be an understatement. To say that the GVP movement is more powerful today than ever before would be stating the obvious.

Today, the GVP movement made a renewed commitment to fighting for and protecting all lives, to working harder than ever to end the public health crisis that is gun violence. And, today, we made a renewed commitment to partnership, to coalition building, because we are stronger in numbers than alone.

We are Moms Demand Action - NY. We are Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. We are @YouthOverGuns. We are States United to Prevent Gun Violence. We are New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.

We are @BetsyRiot. We are March For Our Lives. We are Stop Handgun Violence. We are Giffords. We are Stop the NRA. We are Save.Our.Streets. We are The National Action Network. We are LGBT Against Gun Violence. We are Gays Against Guns and many, many more.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the timing of today’s national action with the recent news of the NRA’s money problems - poor dears. (The windows of their glass death tower #greyskull looked, well, dirty.)

Know that we danced in the streets. NRA, sashay away! GVP, shantay, you stay!

The financial blow the NRA has recently taken as a result of companies cutting ties with them ( Why hasn’t FedEx cut ties yet?!! #boycottFedEx) was especially sweet for us seeing as how GAG has been highlighting the dangerous and suspect connection between Trump and Russia since 1/20/17, when we came to the NRA headquarters and protested. Afterward, we headed into DC where we called out #45.

We know there is still more work to do; we come together as a way of rejuvenating ourselves. We know this is a marathon and so tomorrow, if not tonight, we get back to work.

Thank you to EVERY organizer- from coast to coast- for this incredible Day of Action. Thank You to the youth groups and young leaders who are leading us to a safer country. We remain in awe of your power and how well you use it.

#marchforourlives #WashingtonDC #NewYorkersAgainstGunViolence #momsdemandaction #GINFront

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