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GAG Member Authors Paper: U.S. Gun Policy as a Mechanism of Systemic Racism

Gays Against Guns member Gina DelJones, in pursuit of her Master of Social Work degree, has authored a fascinating paper on the depth and breadth of gun violence and the people it most often effects.

Pulling together a variety of often-overlooked statistics about gun violence, and the flawed or entirely absent gun safety legislation in America, DelJones asserts - as the title of the paper indicates - that we must view: "U.S. Gun Policy as a Mechanism of Systemic Racism"

In her introduction to the paper, DelJones writes:

"Gun violence is a massive problem in this country with 38,000 deaths per year, matching that of opioid overdose, and the latter has been declared an epidemic. Gun violence is a public health crisis and should be declared an epidemic as well. Most Americans agree that something needs to be done and that the time for action is right now. Yet, in the true spirit of America with rights, land of the free, amendments, and free speech, Americans have incredibly differing opinions about what should be done. Much of this debate is subject to interpretation and this paper will explore the conflicts with what the second amendment means, and the conflicts in defining this as a social welfare issue and what it’s resolution could and should be. This issue is then further compounded with a long history of insidious institutionalized racism, and a very powerful and extremist special interest group, the National Rifle Association. Gun violence is an epidemic that is being largely ignored. Any legislation that is passed doesn’t address the problem, it only furthers its role as a mechanism to maintain systemic racism."

The full paper can be read here.

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