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GAG's Kevin Hertzog Tells It Like it Is |

Gays Against Guns co-founder and self-styled "Mother GaG" Kevin Hertzog has penned a Commentary article for . Mr. Hertzog draws the parallels between the struggles LGBTQ people have and continue to meet and those we all, as Americans in country with a deadly fetish for firearms, face: He writes: "Gay people are uniquely qualified to attack government inaction, apathy, and complicity because we’ve seen it before and we know the price of silence. We also know the road map to success. The National Rifle Association pours money into Washington so that the gun manufacturers it serves will experience profit growth in the same way that pharmaceutical companies inflate the pricing of HIV medications without any regard for the health and welfare of the people taking them." Addressing intersectionalities of gender identity, race and gun violence, he continues: "And no discussion of violence toward our community is complete without acknowledging the fact that of the murdered trans people in the United States, over 80 percent are women of color."

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