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It's Up to YOU: GAG Responds to the Las Vegas Massacre

America woke up this morning to news of yet another mass shooting.

Actually, not to another mass shooting, but another "greatest mass shooting in modern American history". The number of humans killed and wounded at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas will probably exceed the number that were killed at the previous "record holder" - the shooting at the PULSE Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in June of 2016.

Earlier yesterday, while all the victims of last night's shooting were looking forward to a day of fun in Las Vegas, members of Gays Against Guns boarded a van and drove to a Pennsylvania Gun Show. This is the third Gun Show visit we'd done and, as far as we know, we’re the only gun violence organization to have gone to these shows to speak with people who are strong supporters of the Second Amendment. We’re not confrontational, but we engage with people and ask them to consider the facts. It can be uncomfortable at times, but this is what must happen if we want to change minds and save lives.

Whether we are trying to bring about change on the ground at Gun Shows, or “Naming, Blaming, and Shaming” politicians about being “bought and paid for” by the gun lobby, GAG knows one thing:

It is up to us.  And by “us” we also mean you!

  • If you care about the death and sorrow created by the gun industry, and the murder of your fellow citizens.

  • If you acknowledge that mass shootings reveal the fact that our government has been hijacked by business interests and lobbyists.

  • If you are truly and honestly tired of sending thoughts and prayers.

Then come join us. We have plenty more to do. You can be on the front lines with GAG, or you can provide support to us in our actions. You can even just learn more about the statistics of gun violence. There really is something for everyone in our organization.

We also know another thing for certain : thoughts and prayers without action are meaningless.

It's our problem to solve, so BE PART OF THE SOLUTION!

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