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Straight Talk from Gun Expert, Blogger on VPC Concealed Carry Study

Prolific author and firearms expert Michael Weisser (aka "Mike, the Gun Guy") published an important assessment of the Violence Policy Center's ("VPC") study of gun violence committed by people who have a concealed carry permit.

Mr. Weisser's article, "The Violence Policy Center Expands An Important Report", published on August 15, 2017, though short makes several important observations. One of the most interesting is around the criticism the VPC received because it includes gun suicides among its gun violence statistics.

Weisser - with refreshing frankness and authority - writes:

"I don’t believe the Violence Policy Center should be at all defensive about drawing attention to the fact that any time a life ends because someone pulled the trigger of a gun, that such an episode should be considered anything other than gun violence event. The fact that we do not possess an effective screening process for determining gun access based on someone’s propensity to hurt themselves doesn’t alter in any way the basic reason for owning a gun. And if you believe that guns were designed to do anything other than cause injury, you might want to camp outside Area 51 and wait for the Martians to land."

Read the full article here:

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