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GAG takes it to Eagle Arms Gun Shows | Event Recap

Gays Against Guns took its message to the Eagle Arms Gun Shows at Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. The resort, in Pennsylvania's Poconos Mountains, is a cluster of bucolic weekend homes clustered around each other, a water park, and a "venue" where the Gun Show was being held.

Set far back from the main road by a lengthy wooded drive, the venue's parking lot was fairly full. There was evidence of the "demographic" in attendance with a bumper sticker that read "Marriage is Between One Man and One Woman" and another car that had a decal of a handgun affixed to the flap over the gas tank. What was even more uncomfortable was that the venue shared overflow parking with the resort's family attraction: its Water Park.

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Continued From Above

We had gotten some coverage on beforehand, so the organizers certainly knew we were coming. In fact, as we were approaching the building where the gun show was being held, we heard chatter coming out of a walkie: "The gays are coming. THE GAYS ARE COMING!"

It was nice to be announced.

It seemed as though we so unnerved the show's organizers with the mere presence of our #HumanBeings that we were met by the resort community's security staff within 5 minutes of arriving, informed that the entire resort is private property and asked to leave.

We were, however, told that the area just outside the gates to the resort was public property and we could mass there, which - escorted by the "Safety Patrol" we did. Upon arriving there we found a space had been demarcated for us with a series of cones immediately in front of the rustic entrance gate. Clearly, they had been prepared. So, we set up camp at the entrance to the Split Rock resort at which our Human Beings stood holding placards of local women whose lives were lost to gun violence during a domestic fight. Our GAGGERS then held signs and handed out fliers to drivers entering and exiting the resort.

We received honks of approval and thumbs ups from folks who were either not there for the gun show or who owned properties within the residential area of the resort. Some cars whizzed right by us and gave us "the bird". Many drivers also stopped and talked with us. Some were "pro gun," " a member of the NRA," and even "thankful we were here." We talked with a woman who lost her cousin to gun violence - she took 10 fliers to give to her friends. We also spoke with men who were self-identified, responsible gun owners who shared our concerns and anger about gun violence. It was balanced. The security officers at Split Rock were very agreeable. So, in summary Split Rock was a success! All in all, a good day. More to come! Think about joining us on our next action! #GAGtoGo #GunViolenceIsEpidemic #CureGunViolence #AnOunceOfPrevention

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