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GAG to Visit Split Rock Gun Show in Poconos Saturday


WHEN: Saturday, August 12, 2017 WHAT: Gays Against Guns Visit Split Rock Gun Show WHERE: Split Rock Resort, Lake Harmony, PA LGBTQ GUN CONTROL ACTIVISTS TO VISIT POCONOS GUN SHOW SATURDAY TO DISSEMINATE INFORMATION ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE NEW YORK, NY (July 21, 2017)—On Saturday, August 12, 2017, at approximately 1 p.m. Gays Against Guns (GAG) will attend the Split Rock Gun Show at Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, PA to disseminate information about gun violence in the United States. The gun control activists will arrive at the Split Rock Resort (100 Moseywood Road, Lake Harmony, PA) at approximately 1 p.m. to distribute flyers bearing statistics on the three most common ways guns kill people in the United States: suicide, domestic violence, and altercations. Some GAG members will be dressed completely in white, silently holding a placard with a description of individual gun violence victims. “To my knowledge, no other gun violence prevention group has visited a gun show,” said GAG member Kevin Hertzog. “I'm proud that Gays Against Guns is engaging with the people who will be directly impacted by the decision to buy a gun, and I hope that we can give them information that changes the way they view that gun.” The flyer contains statistics such as the following: • 2/3 of all U.S. gun deaths are suicides. Approximately 21,000 people shoot themselves to death each year. • 38% fewer women are killed by partners in states that require comprehensive background checks for all handgun sales • Firearm theft at gun shows increased 59% last year. Gays Against Guns NY is an inclusive direct action group of LGBTQ people and their allies committed to nonviolently breaking the gun industry's chain of death—investors, manufacturers, the NRA, and politicians who block strong gun laws. We are New York-based but work with GAG chapters in other cities to ensure safety for all individuals, particularly vulnerable communities such as people of color, women, people who struggle with mental health issues, LGBTQ people, and religious minorities.  

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