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Hello From The Other Side | Your Daily GAG

Your Daily GAG: Hello From The Other Side  

The Civil War within the NRA is alive and well. Here, gun owner and NRA member Patrick S. Tomlinson articulates his frustration and disillusionment with the NRA and the current fear-based ideological agenda which posits The Resistance as a threat and as such NRA members, the defenders of freedom ( i.e., true Americans) must arm and protect themselves by any means necessary. They must embrace their gun ownership now more than ever. They must buy into sensationalist anti- liberal propaganda. They must train themselves as Navy Seals to combat the liberal threat to their safety. Tomlinson is not the first NRA member- or conservative -to express discontent with the NRA - or Trump- and the dangerous culture war the NRA is building. We hope many of Tomlinson's fellow NRA members head his call and, in effect, use the power of their voice to STOP THE NRA. 

Read on! #GaysAgainstGuns #WeNeedEveryone #GAGISWATCHING 

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