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Trump: Gun Salesman | NRA Puppet

Hi all, please find below an excellent article from "The Nation" outlining the Trump Administration's efforts to pump up gun sales now that fears of an Obama/Hillary Rodham Clinton gun snatching have dissipated among the paranoid gun frenzied masses. 

Also, some insights into just how far the NRA will go to incentivize not only the purchase, but the careless use of firearms:

"One hazard of carrying a gun everywhere on a near-hysterical level of alert is that you might shoot someone and get sent to prison for it. But the NRA conference has a solution: 'Carry Guard' insurance, which is promoted absolutely everywhere at the convention. For $31.95 a month, you get $150,000 in criminal-defense insurance and $1 million in civil-liability insurance if you shoot someone in self-defense but lose a court battle over it. The plan also offers a 24-hour emergency-help line, immediate access to bail money, and funds for 'psychological support and clean-up costs.' 

Read it here:

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