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Join Us! Philly Gun Show | July 22, 2017 | 9 AM - 6 PM

GAYS against GUNS is visiting a gun show in Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love, this Saturday. Since our group began, we've been talking about engaging with the outlets where guns are sold, and we're finally going to bring GaG's message right to their doorstep! Here's the Facebook event:

We'll be there to disseminate information - we will not be confrontational. We'll bring a contingent of Human Beings (the people who dress in white, each of whom hold a placard with a description of someone who lost their life to gun violence) to remind everyone of the cost of having guns everywhere, but we will not enter into any arguments or foment any anger. We're only going to pass out flyers and speak to those people who'd like more information.

If you're interested in being a Human Being, please comment here or email us at - we provide the hats, the veils and the placards.

PLEASE let us know if you're interested in coming! We'll provide transportation, but we HAVE to know how many people we can expect, so that we can reserve the appropriate vehicles.

We'll meet at The LGBT Center at 9:00am on Saturday, and then drive to Philadelphia with an estimated arrival time of 11:30am. This is the VERY FIRST TRIP of it's kind for us, so we'd like to keep the plans a little loose, to gauge everyone's level of comfortability and stamina. Some members would like to also incorporate a stop at a local mall, but we can decide about that on Saturday. Either way, we'll definitely be back in NYC by 6:00pm.

It's intimidating to enter territory which we know to be unsympathetic to our core message. But it's SO important to give a voice to the people who've been killed or injured by guns, and if we can have even a small influence, then we'll have accomplished an enormous amount of good.

Human Beings will dress in all white, but the rest of us will either wear "street clothes" or our GaG t-shirts. It's totally up to you!


#HumanBeings #philadelphia

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