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Multiple Mass Shooting Insanity: From Little Rock to Alexandria to the Bronx

Over the last few weeks, as was the case last year and for many years before, news in America has been of Mass Shootings. In incidents ranging from a shooting at a congressional baseball game, to one in another nightclub - this time in Little Rock, Arkansas, to (of all places) a hospital in the Bronx, we continue to see the prevalence of firearms resulting in death and injury.

Gays Against Guns invites you to look at some of these statistics provided in interactive form at this link:

We take these statistics from Mass Shooting Tracker, ("MST") and want to emphasize that these shootings - as voluminous as they are - are only mass shootings which MST defines as "an incident where four or more people are shot in a single shooting spree. This may include the gunman himself, or police shootings of civilians around the gunman"

They aren't all shootings.

GAG refreshes these statistics periodically. However, one of the saddest statistics is that these statistics become stale almost as soon as they are published.


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