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Big Meeting Notes | May 4, 2017

Section 1 - Upcoming Events:

  • Nelson informed us of the event on 5/10 - FUERZA 1680 Lexington Avenue 5:00-8:00pm

  • We asked members to share about the Slipper Room fundraising event on 6/7

  • Benjamin volunteered to coordinate D.C. Pride for GaG


Here are the people who agreed to be the “point person” for each event:

  • Queens - Terry

  • Harlem - Carl

  • Brooklyn - Natalie & Shep

  • Folsom - Trevor / Ben / Nick

  • Staten Island - Natalie

  • Hudson NY - Dan B

  • Asbury Park - Patrick

They will ALL need to bring the following : a table, palm cards, gag swag, FAQ sheets, signage & hymnals - and invitations to 6/25 Pride, if before then

Action ideas from the floor:

  • Actions in the Boroughs : let's go to where gun violence happens the most in NYC and make “ghost memorials”. Also, start an interactive map like Save our Streets has.

  • Revisit the “NRA Alliance” actions (Hertz / FedEx / Wyndham)

  • Travel outside our “comfort zone” : visit a gun show / visit a mall in “gun country” (King of Prussia Mall, for example)

  • Craft an action that showcases gun violence as a Public Health Crisis. Also, show the aftermath of gun violence - physical problems and emotional scars for the victims and also all the other people involved (police and EMT, for example)

Affinity Groups:

  • Tour of famous American gun violence Sites - get in a RV and spend a week or more traveling across America visiting sites

  • Explore discrimination at the Licensing Division at 1 Police Plaza.

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