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THE ATROCITY of RECIPROCITY: Stop Guns Everywhere!

Our GAG U research team as well as our friends at States United to Prevent Gun Violence have compiled a fact sheet on the two bills that are GOING TO VOTE NEXT MONTH.

  • One is H.R. 38 introduced by Richard Hudson (R-NC) which currently has 176 cosponsors and therefore will likely pass.

  • The other is S.446 introduced by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and currently has 36 copsonsors.

This information has got to get out so people can call their reps and tell them "No on reciprocity. Not in my state."

Please read and share.

Federally Mandated Concealed Carry (H.R. 38/S. 446):

The corporate gun lobby spent $50 million electing Donald Trump and pro-gun members of Congress. Federally Mandated Concealed Carry is a dangerous and irresponsible pay back for that “IOU” owed to the corporate gun lobby.

State laws on hidden, loaded guns differ greatly.​ Some set rigorous eligibility standards, require applicants to receive firearm safety training and pass extensive background checks, and ask applicants to demonstrate mental suitability or a law-abiding character. Other states have little to no such safety requirements.

Federally mandated concealed carry would allow individuals to “state shop” in order to be permitted by the state with the lowest permitting standards.

States are responsible for passing public safety laws to protect communities. Overreaching by the federal government and forcing essentially lower standards is a direct breach of state police powers.

H.R. 38 Amends the U.S. Code on firearm regulations.

  • If passed, this bill will be the first step on a slippery slope by the corporate gun lobby controlled Congress to override other state-level life-saving measures, ​lower​ the standards for use of guns below constitutionally recognized limits, and enable pro-gun extremists to get closer to their goal of allowing guns in all public spaces everywhere- parks, nightclubs, schools, federal public land like National Parks.

  • Data shows that holder of permits for hidden, loaded guns in public are far more likely to use their firearm to kill rather than to protect themselves or others.

  • This bill would encourage much more widespread transportation of firearms, and a related increase in lost and stolen firearms from vehicles, a favorite target of criminals.

  • It would increase the number of people carrying loaded guns in public, which in turn would lead to more lethal incidents involving guns -- from road rage to self-described vigilante justice (George Zimmerman) – and to more Americans dying.

#GunsEverywhere #Reciprocity

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