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Mourning Presidency Demo Captured by Artist/Architect Letícia Wouk Almino

Painted by Letícia Wouk Almino

Artist and Architect Letícia Wouk Almino captured the Mourning the Presidency demonstration organized by Rise and Resist and Gays Against Guns on Presidents Day weekend in a series of astonishing watercolors published on a online publication providing "a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today".

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In her article, "Mourning the US Presidency with a Raucous Faux Funeral: How do you visualize the death of democracy?", Ms Almino writes:

"We go to public spaces to take pause and people watch, but to also feel like we are a part of the city, and to join in something greater than yourself. After an afternoon in the square, I felt restored by humanity and my spirits lifted. Over the next four years, I plan to spend many more Saturdays this way."

We at Gays Against Guns are grateful to have participated with Rise and Resist in this powerful demonstration, and we are incredibly moved to have it memorialized in such beautiful work by such a magnificent and thoughtful artist.

#MourningthePresidency #GINOther

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