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GAG Joins Huge Crowd at LGBTQ Rally at Stonewall | Event Recap

Gays Against Guns (GAG) joined many others on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at the LGBTQ Solidarity Rally organized by City Counsel Member Corey Johnson to shout out against the immigrant ban, and to declare that Domestic Gun Violence is Terrorism!

Members of GAG's two prominent action teams: GAG'er protesters, and the GAG Reflex troupe took to the rally with signs, banners, slogans, songs and performance.


With placards reading "The Orlando Gunman was an American Citizen" and "Gun Violence is Domestic Terrorism", GAG set out to remind everyone that the real terror comes from within, and that the immigration ban is just a issue being used by Republicans to take advantage of the predisposition of humans to fear and hate the "other".

With 33,000 lives lost every year to gun violence, the real threat to American lives overwhelmingly comes from easy, affordable access to guns. This is particularly true for military style assault weapons combined with high capacity magazines.

The rally marked the first appearance of her "High Horridness" Cheetolina.

In hideous orange "Crown and Gown", obnoxious "Trump" sash, a blonde monstrosity of a hairdo, and a face even a mother would loathe, she seemed to represent the antithesis of our beloved Lady Liberty.

Yet , "from forth her beacon hand glowed" anything but "worldwide welcome". Instead her torch simply read "Do Not Enter".

Additionally, GAG made the "New York Times" Facebook Page singing our modified all American classics like "Battle Him for the Republic" and many others.

#GAGNoggers #Cheetolina #LGBTSolidarity #DonaldTrump #GAGISWatching #GAGReflex #Reciprocity

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