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London's Gay Star News Interviews GAG's Marino-Thomas

London's Gay Star News interviewed Gays Against Guns Steering Committee Member Cathy Marino-Thomas on the work GAG is doing.

The interview, published on January 28, is a Q&A covering six questions:

What motivated you to establish the group?

What are the main aims and objectives of the group?

You meet up every two weeks, what do you discuss?

What has the general reaction from the community been? And has this been different to the reaction from the LGBTI community?

What was your involvement in the Women’s March?

What’s your plan of action now? Anything coming up in the near future?

About GAG's involvement in the massive Women's March, Ms. Marino-Thomas remarks:

"I worked with a committee to plan and organize how to represent GAG the day of the march.

We organized the bus, presentation, researched the women that would be represented by our Human Beings, made the placards and handouts.

Finding a place to set up our Human Beings and banner was important, then we began a sing-in.

One of our members had written new lyrics to many of our country’s anthems.

We handed out copies of the lyrics to folks at the march and had a big old sing-a-long!

Our Human Beings made quite an impression on the crowd.

I heard that one woman broke down into tears having recognized one of the victims of the Pulse massacre."

Thanks to Gay Star News and to our very own Cathy Marino-Thomas!

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