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GAG Women's March Participant Bossing in New York Times

Attorney Lewis Bossing who participated with Gays Against Guns in the Women's March in DC on January 21st, was one of eleven people profiled by New York Times about why they wore what they wore when they marched.

"Civil disobedience," the article states, "comes in many forms. At the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, it often came in the form of pink “pussyhats.” The hand-knit beanies, along with other rally signs, protest T-shirts and clear backpacks (to adhere to security requirements), became the unofficial uniform of the march. Here are what nine women and two men wore to make their statement in the nation’s capital."

As it would happen, Mr. Bossing was participating as one of Gays Against Guns' "Human Beings", the white-clad, veiled, silent marchers each representing a specific victim of gun violence.

When asked by the Times, "Tell me about your all-white look", Mr. Bossing said:

"I was here to march with Gays Against Guns today. Gays Against Guns formed after the Pulse nightclub shooting last summer. The first street action that we did was at the New York Pride parade where 49 people dressed in white and veils, each holding a placard with the photo of one of the people who had died. And other members did die-ins around them. We were hoping to recreate that today."

You can read the entire article, "What 11 Protesters Wore to the Women’s March on Washington" and can be read here:

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