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GAG Women's March Participant Dandridge in NYMag

DJ Chauncey Dandridge, who participated with Gays Against Guns in the Women's March in DC on January 21st, was one of nine men profiled by New York Magazine about why they're marching.

The article, authored by Arwa Mahdawi and titled "9 Men on Why They’re Joining the Women’s March on Washington", has a simple premise which it states in the first paragraph:

"Despite its name, the Women’s March on Washington is open to anyone 'who believes that women’s rights are human rights,' and alongside the many thousands of women expected to march on January 21 will be a few good men. We know why most women are heading to D.C., but we were curious about the opposite sex. So we asked them."

Mr. Dandridge stated:

“This election seems like a doomsday movie blockbuster come to life. I feel like I simply have no choice but to be at the march. I want to witness the power in numbers and the passion of the protestors. I’m going with Gays Against Guns — an organization that was born after the Orlando shooting took place. Its aim is to end violence on all members of the LGBTQ community through gun control.”

Many thanks to Mr. Dandridge for taking the time, making the commitment, speaking out and, particularly, for being part of Gays Against Gun's contingent of marchers.

Thank you!

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