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GAG Make's Huge Impression at Women's March and NRA Protest

Gays Against Guns took to the nation's Capitol during the inauguration weekend in double-header demonstrations against the Trump administration and to attend Gays Against Guns DC's fantastic GAGBall.

On Friday, GAG protested against the NRA at its Fairfax, VA headquarters. Specifically, GAG protested NRA's push for a law called Reciprocity. This law would require any state that issues permits for carrying concealed weapons to recognize similar permits issued by other states, even if they have different eligibility and training requirements and even if they have less stringent restrictions on gun ownership.

On Saturday, GAG participated in the Women's March in DC and in New York City. The Women's March was one of the greatest public demonstrations in the history of America.

With front page coverage in the Guardian, and additional stories in the Advocate, and the Raw Story, and prominent video footage on ABC News, GAG's particpation in the Great American Resistance is clear.

Additional information and recaps will be forthcoming. So, please bookmark our homepage, and follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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