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From All Angles 2016 Was Deadly: Orlando was the Worst

Any way you look at it 2016 was a deadly year in gun violence.

These images and statistics*, which can be browsed here, are only recording incidents of “Mass Shooting” which equates to four or more people shot in a single incident regardless of the number of fatalities.


Charts and Graphs: Plotting Death and Injury in a World of Guns


Some basic things to consider:

  1. There has been a 40% increase in the number of Mass Shootings in America between 2013 and 2016.

  2. There was a 28% increase in Mass Shootings in 2016 over the previous year.

  3. In 2016 29% more people died in Mass Shootings than in 2013

  4. In 2016, 28% more people died in Mass Shootings than in the prior year (2015)

These are horrid statistics.

Statistics and graphs may enlighten or may confuse, but this is clear:

Mass Shootings are:

  1. Happening with unacceptable frequency

  2. That frequency is increasing

  3. The number of dead and wounded are increasing with the number of Mass Shootings

  4. The proliferation of guns and ammunition must be stopped,

*The raw data for these charts and graphs was obtained from It was refreshed prior to 12:00 am 1/1/2017, so there is still data coming in regarding mass shootings, injuries and fatalities.


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