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Reciprocity: Another Word for Mass Murder

The Los Angeles Times explains it all with regard to the "absurd and dangerous" series of bills calling for "Reciprocity". This is an intentionally benign and misleading name for a series of bills designed to flood every state in America with guns - regardless of the state's own gun laws - and place them in the hands of any poorly trained, short-tempered, likely bigoted, angry moron that wants one.

According, to the Los Angeles Times:

"At the top of (NRA President Wayne) LaPierre’s wish list is an absurd and dangerous federal law to require any state that issues permits for carrying concealed weapons to recognize similar permits issued by other states, even if they have different eligibility and training requirements and even if they have less stringent restrictions on gun ownership. Proponents of so-called concealed-carried reciprocity equate it with state driver’s licenses, which are recognized nationwide. But that’s a false comparison."

Read more of the article here:

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