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Our GAGNoggers "Out"-ed with Mention in Out Magazine! | GAG in the News

Gays Against Guns' "vocal ensemble" the GAGNoggers made headlines again in Out Magazine.

The article, written by Glenn Garner and published on December 23, is entitled "Gays Against Guns Serenade New Yorkers with Satirical Trump Carols"

In addition to listing some of the guffaw-inducing song titles, Mr Garner writes:

"God bless Christmas carolers and their mission to spread holiday cheer when the elements are at their coldest. In this case, God bless Gays Against Guns. The group recently gathered at some of New York’s most popular tourist attractions to spread a very important message with their holiday cheer."

Accompanying the article are video and images by Liza Béar, to whom GAG is grateful for documenting the GAGNoggers so beautifully.

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