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Orlando Weekly Sites GAG's Hertz, FedEx, Wyndham Boycott | GAG in the News

The Orlando Weekly, "the Orlando area’s award-winning alternative media company" has joined and other media outlets in mentioning Gays Against Guns boycott of car rental company, Hertz; the shipping company, FedEx; and hotel conglomerate, Wyndham World-Wide because of the deep discounts they give to NRA members.

The article, published on December 22, 2016 is entitled "Orlando gun reform activists call on FedEx to end discounts for NRA members". It covers Guns Down and other participants' demonstration against FedEx Corp. in Orlando, Florida. The article, written by Monivette Cordero, states: "Newly elected state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, D-Orlando, says it's time to 'starve the beast' and called for a boycott of 'corporate enablers' like FedEx who offer incentives that help the NRA recruit members and hire lobbyists.

'After Pulse, after everything that happened, I can't believe the NRA would advocate we bring even more guns into the equation as a solution to gun violence,' he says. 'I think that's insane.'" As with the other articles, it singles out GAG’s work targeting FedEx, Hertz and Wyndham.

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