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GAGNog Makes the News | GAG in the News

Gays Against Guns' own Christmas Miracle, the GAGNogger's, have made the Big Time! The Village Voice, New York City's leader in "free-form, high-spirited, and passionate journalism", profiled our Merry Band of Troubadour-cum-Satyrs.

In her article, "Gays Against Guns Are Resisting Fascism, One Satirical Carol at a Time" which was published on December 21, 2016, author Jennifer L. Pozner writes:

​ GAGNog is the brainchild of GAG member Mark Leydorf - lyricist, activist, writer - who began cooking up lyrics with fellow GAG Member Gina DelJones. Suddenly, an idea was born!

Joined by a cadre of other GAGNoggers, who include Kimberly Miller, Gina DelJones, and Jeremy Tjhung, they have been seen warbling wonderfully at key NYC holiday destinations: Union Square, Rockefeller Center, the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square.

Says Leydorf, as quoted by Ms. Pozner, “I like activism in which you engage at close range with people. Gag Nog is silly, but we have conversations about guns and Trump and Putin all day long...

People will come up and ask to sing with us, or we'll make some stranger hand out our palm cards. We keep it fun. I like to think we're modeling protest for people who'd normally just share memes on Instagram.”

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