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MikeTheGunGuy Industry Pub Features GAG Actions Again

The gun industry blog, MikeTheGunGuy, has featured GAG again with suprisingly high praise of its actions vis-a-vis the Gun Violence Prevention movement of a whole.

The article, posted on December 2nd, was specifically about GAG's recent action calling for a boycott of FedEx, Hertz, and Wyndham Hotels.

The blog author wrote:

"Back after the horrendous event at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, I wrote that the emergence of the LGBTQ community in the gun violence prevention (GVP) space was not only a positive development for LGBTQ activism, but would be an important alliance for GVP insofar as changing our cultural views on guns might benefit from lessons learned by LGBTQ when it came to changing cultural views about gays. Now I’m beginning to wonder whether rather than forging an alliance between the two communities, the GVP folks might want to sit down and take some specific lessons from their new-found friends in LGBTQ."

Read the full article here:

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