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GAG-NY Takes to Trump Hotel SoHo to Tell Trump to Drop Bannon

Last night in the freezing cold in front of Trump Soho Hotel, more than 125 members of Gays Against Guns turned out to tell passersby to tell their electeds to tell Trump to #DumpBannon.

White supremacist Breitbart website head Steve Bannon has been collared to be Trump's "chief strategist." Days ago, Bannon said he styles himself after "Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan." For those wondering "what Trump will do"...he is already showing us. It's no stretch to imagine it'll get far worse.

Please take moments out of your workday to call electeds and DEMAND that they public denounce Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn and other extremist Trump appointees. #NotNormal

#DonaldTrump #stevebannon

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