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Rep. Jerry Nadler with URGENT Call To Action | Please Read

United States Representative Jerry Nadler has issued an urgent call to action and dire plea for assistance to all Americans concerned about the recent election of Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States.Rep. Nadler is a Democrat who represents New York’s 10th Congressional District covering much of Manhattan’s West Side and parts of Brooklyn.

In the form of a five page document released on his website and entitled: HOW WE RESIST TRUMP AND HIS EXTREME AGENDA, Nadler implores “everyone to help our country help itself” and provides both a grim assessment of the threat before us and steps we all can take to both resist the damage that will be done and reclaim the branches of government under threat.

Most sobering, Rep Nadler is not vague about the challenge before us. He begins his call to action with this frightening paragraph in response to those who “have asked me what they might do to support those of us in Congress who are ready and willing to stand up and fight the Trump agenda.”:

"My answer starts with a fundamental belief that the 240-year-old institutions of our government, in particular, our systems of checks and balances, were, in part, created with the precise goal of averting tyranny. These institutions can only function properly, however, when our country’s leaders work vigorously to ensure that they do, and when citizens remain fully engaged in the process. Now more than ever, with a President-elect who threatens to undermine and even delegitimize those institutions—and in doing so, to damage the very soul of our liberal democracy—I implore everyone to help our country help itself."

Additionally, he states unambiguously that Democrats in the Senate and the House of Representatives are nearly powerless to stop Donald Trump and his Republican cronies from doing as they please, stating:

“[W]hile we Democrats in Congress have a few tools, we don’t have a lot. To make matters even more disconcerting, Trump will be able to enact a good deal of his agenda through Executive Orders and through the filibuster-proof budget reconciliation process. That said, in this time of emergency, with the public’s help, we must do everything we can to fight back."

Finally, and critically, Nadler states: "Advocacy groups and everyday citizens must become a unified blocking force for Congressional Democrats who are fighting against Trump’s extreme agenda."

You can read Rep. Nadler's entire release here:

But, please, become one of those advocates and join us at Gays Against Guns as we continue to fight for reasonable gun safety and as we work in coalition with other activist organizations to save our country from uncheck control by a minority of citizens and a cabal of dangerous megalomaniacs.

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