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August 21 - 27, 2016 | Timelines of Gun Violence

Based on the source research, there were 4 mass shootings in the US between 8/21/2016 and 8/27/2016.

These shootings resulted in 28 people wounded and 3 people killed.

Among those killed were 15-year-old Isaiah "Zay" Solomon and 22-year-old Tafari "Fari" West who were killed while attending a vigil to honor the memory of 19-year-old Devonair "Lil' Deb" Blake, who died after he suffered 13 gunshot wounds to the back on Aug. 19;

Also killed, in a separate shooing, was Antonio Hinkle who was shot and killed while pushing children out of the line of fire. Browse the Timeline below for details of each shooting. Source:

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