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Your Daily GAG: The Implications of Targeting BlackRock

James Militzer's piece "Weekly Roundup: The Death of a Salesman, a Megaphone for Mom, and a Target on BlackRock" summarizes our ‪#‎dropthegunstocks demand. It also addresses BlackRock's (“BR”) insufficient response that was included in the Fortune Magazine article to our demand:

BR argues that it is required to manage gun stocks/ funds.

Read: our hands are tied.

BR also argues that they are socially responsible as their actively managed portfolios which exclude firearms among other things shows this.

Read: don't look at that the dirt under the rug.

Again, insufficient:

Militzer ends with several provocative questions connected to broadening the divestment front.

Our reply: It's time the curtain was pulled back on the lesser known key players who are equally complicit in gun violence and, by extension, conduits for death.

GAG is watching.

#Dropthegunstocks ‪#‎GAGisWatching ‪#‎BaddayatBlackRock

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