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Another Bad Day at BlackRock | Event Recap

Following a well publicized action of a large email blast of demands to BlackRock's leadership and Board of Directors, Gays Against Guns made it another "Bad Day at BlackRock".

Two NYC GAGgers stood outside @BlackRock HQ in midtown today and handed this flyer to 225 exiting employees. Some employees cheered, some said that management had instructed them to ignore us, some gave us BS reasons why BlackRock's "hands were tied" to divest from murder weapons. A few said that our demand they divest was the talk of the building.

NYPD cars and private security were there to greet two unarmed GAG Kweens with flyers. So macho.

If you agree that there is no excuse for BlackRock to profit from mass shootings, check our Facebook Page or our events and actions page here tomorrow about how to join us.

See you next week, Mr. Fink. ‪#‎BadDayatBlackRock‬ ‪#‎GAGiswatching‬ 😃‪#‎DropYourGunStocks‬

#Blackrock #gunindustry #frontpage

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