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GAG-NJ in Solemn Demonstration Marches Fairway at NJ State Fair | Event Recap

The great folks of the New Jersey chapter of Gays Against Guns made a bold and brave statement on Sunday, August 7 by staging a demonstration at the New Jersey State Fair.

The demonstrators walked the fairway. Some passed out copies of GAG’s recently published single-page factsheet to fairgoers. Others participated as “Human Beings”: the silent, spectral, white-clad and veiled walkers who attend in place of specific people killed in acts of gun violence in America.

In a particularly strong gesture of direct action, the GAG team stood outside of the NRA booth at the fair “bearing witness”, in the words of GAG co-founder, Kevin Hertzog, who participated with the New Jersey chapter.

In a post to GAG-NY’s Facebook page, Mr. Hertzog also wrote:

“SO ENERGIZING participating in GaG NJ's action today at the New Jersey State Fair!!! We had 4 "Human Beings" representing 4 people who were murdered in mass shootings and we had 2 people passing out our "one sheet" flyers that break down gun violence statistics into very easy to understand graphics.

We stood outside the NRA booth bearing witness to the effects of the rampant gun availability that they've foisted upon our society. and then we walked the entire length of the Fair presenting a physical representation of people who are missing from this earth because of the low threshold that exists between madmen and assault weapons.:

The demonstration made headlines with an article by Towleroad:

#StateGunSafetyLaws #frontpage

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