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GAG Participates in Gun Violence Panel After Screening of "Making a Killing" Documentary

"GAG is not about being polite," said GAG-NY cofounder John Grauwiler who joined NY state senator Brad Hoylman, NYC public advocate Tish James, and other activists at a panel discussion Thursday night after a screening of MAKING A KILLING, the stomach-turning documentary about how the NRA blocks sensible gun laws for their industry's own limitless profits. ‪#‎NRApreparetogag‬

If you want a really deep and infuriating picture of how the gun industry is blocking laws that would prevent gun deaths & mass shootings, please see this documentary & share this post:

...and then email to join GAG! You will want to protest outside the multimillion-dollar mansions of the gun lobby after watching this. They are amoral profiteering monsters.

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