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GAG-DC In Action: Protests Gun Lobby National Shooting Sports Foundation

We are so proud of GAG-DC for pulling off their first action protesting the National Shooting Sports Foundation gun lobby in front of their conference outside the Marriott in D.C. last night. They did a great job "exposing" this lobby that likes to style itself as a folksy group for hunters and doesn't get the attention the NRA does but actually works right alongside the NRA to obstruct gun reform legislation and pay off their puppets in Congress.

Washington City Paper covered the protest:

and they wrote:

"The Atlantic once characterized the NSSF as "the gun lobby group you don't hear about," and it's indisputable that the national trade organization flies beneath the radar of even the most politically fluent citizens. While its logo looks like something out of an L.L. Bean catalog—what with its pine trees, deer, and hat-wearing hunters—the NSSF's members are gunmakers, retailers and distributors, and it's now spending just as much as the infinitely more notorious NRA in direct lobbying expenditures. (Both organizations have spent $1.6 million on direct lobbying this year, according to OpenSecrets.)

"They've flown under the radar because they're largely closeted," Attey says, noting that the organization exists under the guise of a bunch of "duck and deer hunters who are concerned about hunting safety."

But it hasn't contributed $142,500 to federal candidates (only $4,500 of that to Democrats) in the 2016 cycle to keep the camouflage brigade safe in their deer stands. Its gun control positions parallel the NRA's—against an assault weapons ban, closing background check loopholes, etc. Because it represents manufacturers."

Additional news:

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