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Murder of a Bride-to-Be, GAG Calls for Boycott of Retail Chains with Gun Sales: ‪#‎OffsetTheGunRush‬

Another beautiful member of our LGBTQ community falls due to easy gun availability: Teqnika Moultrie, 30, of the Bay Area, was visiting her fiancée's family in (guess) Texas when she was shot dead (and 4 others were injured) in downtown Austin this weekend.

But should that be a surprise in a state where it's legal to openly carry both long guns and handguns? And legal to carry concealed guns on college campuses? Is it any wonder that in the wake of gun deaths amid protests recently, Dallas' own mayor, who owns a shotgun, said he thought that Texas' open-carry laws should be reconsidered?

Meanwhile, Gays Against Guns sends genuine thoughts and prayers to the fiancée and family of Teqnika Moultrie. But thoughts and prayers without action are worthless. They're just what the NRA wants--all your thoughts and prayers, and none of your rage.

If these shootings disgust you, consider not patronizing gunsellers Wal-Mart, Cabela's or Dick's Sporting Goods for 7 days after every shooting in the U.S. Instead, tweet at them that you're going instead to Kmart or Target, which sell no guns.‪#‎OffsetTheGunRush‬ that gun fanatics gift to gun-sellers after every single damn shooting in this country.

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