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GAG and Our Crossfit/Reebok Action Cited by GVP Blogger MiketheGunGuy

This GVP (gun-violence prevention) blogger wrote a great post about our protest on Reebok Crossfit last weekend for their ties to a Glock gun giveaway. "Let me break the news gently to the CrossFit Games organizers, to Reebok and to the Gun-mob Nation noisemakers who are simply lying when pretend there is a tidal wave of gay interest in guns. There is a tidal wave about guns developing in the LGBTQ community, but it’s not a tidal wave about guns, it’s a tidal wave about the violence caused by guns. And it’s a tidal wave that will lift up and help GVP accomplish for gun violence what LGBTQ has accomplished for the right of every American to be treated like everyone else. Which includes not getting shot."

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