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Where is Gun Violence in Your Neighborhood | Building Background Knowledge

Many of us, even in big cities, walk around in hermetically sealed existances. Oblivious to the happenings just next door.

We hear about an increasing number of mass shootings in the United States. However, the frightening truth is that these are only a fraction of gun violence each year and, states:

"..however large they understandably loom, constitute just a small fraction of the gun violence recorded in America during this or any year. In 2013, the most recent year for which government statistics are available, less than 2 percent of more than 33,000 gun deaths in the country were due to mass shootings. Tallies of gun-related fatalities are in turn dwarfed by totals for gun injuries. Every 12 months, more than 130,000 people are shot; many are left with devastating physical impairments and crippling health care bills."

You can now find out just how pervasive gun violence is and how close it has gotten to your home. has updated and article on their site which allows you to enter and address and find the instances of gun violence which have occurred near you.

In the article, How Many People Have Been Shot in Your Neighborhood This Year?, Slate states:

"Thanks to a nonprofit, nonpartisan project known as the Gun Violence Archive, data on gun homicides and nonfatal shootings is now available well before the federal government releases its statistics. Those data include location information that makes it possible to plot those shootings on a map showing how many have taken place in your vicinity."

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