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Death in Summertime 2016 | Eleven Normal Days of Gun Violence In America | GAG Background Knowledge

"Shots Fired", ABC News Correspondent Pierre Thomas's special report for ABC's Nightline series, gets down to detail on all the gun violence occuring across the United States over a sample 11 day period begining on June 24, 2016.

Mr Pierre covers all facets of gun violence in these two 11 minute videos. He touches upon: types of gun violence (mass shootings to domestic violence to stray bullet to police involved shootings); geographic distribution (urban to suburban and rural); socioeconomic distribution (wealthy to impoverished).

What is presented is nothing short of a horrifying survey of the reality of life in an America where easy access to firearms is killing Americans of all ages at a rate of 30,000 a year.

Shots Fired: Part I

Shots Fired: Part II


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