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GAG and Friends Take to Trump Towers Midtown To Say "Stop the Hate, Stop the Guns!"

Photo Courtesy of Rob Kohl


"Racist, sexist, anti-gay! Donald Trump, sashay away!" And "GOP, NRA, how many kids did you kill today?" Those were just two of the fierce chants of Gays Against Guns tonight in midtown, teaming up with Queer Nation and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence in a wet but 300-strong rally against Toxic Orangeman, Pence, the GOP and the NRA in front of Orangeman Tower on Fifth Avenue during Night 1 of the RNC's cirque du hate+fear in Cleveland.


Photos Courtesy of Rob Kohl


Our NRA puppet came along for the ride sporting a hideous orange combover. We had giant rainbow banners down the length of both sides of the block reading STOP THE HATE, STOP THE GUNS and REPUBLICAN HATE KILLS. We had thumbs-up from New Yorkers and tourists iPhoning and hashtagging #gaysagainstguns the whole time.



Then we marched uptown and fell to the wet ground in a huge die-in in front of the Plaza, bewildering tourists as we chanted, "How many more have to die?" We finished at the entrance to Central Park where all 300 took a "mic check" pledge to keep naming, shaming and blaming the gun lobby's "chain of death" ...from the seemingly bland investors like Cerberus and Blackstone Group to the assault-weapons makers like Sig Sauer to the gun industry's puppet NRA lobby to the NRA's own bought-and-sold puppets in Congress seeking reelection like Sens. Kelly Ayotte, Rob Portman and Richard Burr, just to name a few.

Our next meeting is July 27 at 7:30pm at the LGBT Center, 208 W. 13th. PLEASE JOIN US. #WeNeedEveryone. Gay, straight, bi, trans, women, men, genderqueer, black, white, Latino, Asian, Arab, Muslim, old, young. Everyone who's fed up with the gun epidemic. And that includes police systems who've failed to reform how, when and ON WHOM they use deadly force.#wecandothis

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