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Like Our GAG T-Shirts? Make Your Own!

Did you like our T-Shirts? Weren't they FABULOUS? Well, you can be equally fabulous and make one (or more) of your own. See below for a list of materials and a step-by-step guide on How To!


(do not attempt this while wearing Chanel.)

Download a PDF of this!


  1. Please use white tees, any style, any neck line, dirty ones with pit stains. You can even take white tees that you are bored of and turn them inside out and spray them.

  2. Spray Adhesive

  3. Cardboard

  4. Xacto Knife

  5. Spray Paint or Aerosol Fabric Paint. Orange, Pink or Black or all three for Awesomeness

  6. And for even more Awesomeness, Silver Glitter.

  7. Get the stencils! Our Fabulous stencil maker is made these available at cost to us .

Watch the Step-by-Step Video

The Steps:

  1. Adhere printed art to poster board and cut out letters with Xacto Knife. Finished art for the GAG logo should measure 12X12.

  2. Place cardboard inside tee shirt to block paint from getting on back of shirt.

  3. On a crew neck tee standard letter placement should begin a fist length below the neckline.

  4. Be more creative if you like, but try to keep the impression on the center of the chest.

  5. Lightly spray back of stencil with adhesive spray so that it is slightly tacky. You don’t have to do this every time, you just want to make sure your stencil is sticky

  6. Place stencil on tee and gently press to make sure it has adhered to fabric.

  7. Start by lightly spraying stencil, moving your wrist from side to side till the stencil is covered.

  8. Overspray is encouraged as it makes the image more Punk Rock. You do not have to saturate the t-shirt with paint. If you don’t feel the first application is dark enough then go over again.

  9. Treat the paint as a feather if you treat it like a hammer you will mess up your stencil and the paint might leak under the spray adhesive.

  10. If it suits your fancy then apply silver glitter it should stick to fresh spray paint or buy spray glitter.

  11. Do not remove stencil for apx. 1 minute, remove tee from cardboard and hang tee to dry for apx. 5 minutes.

  12. If you like you can also spray the back of the shirt.

  13. Put tee shirt on.

  14. Pose For Sexy Picture

  15. Do not wash tees before protest as this may fade the colors of the paint.

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