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Meeting Recap: 6/27/2016 | A Movement with Momentum

Just 24 hours after ‪#‎GaysAgainstGuns‬ overwhelmed the Pride March and both traditional and social media, 150-200 of us, including some folks we swept up from the sidelines yesterday, gathered tonight at the LGBT Center to roll up our sleeves and get down to the real work of building out our language, group purpose (DIRECT ACTION, BABY! No vanilla "lobbying" for us), structure and...most important...actions in the week(s) ahead.

We scrambled into subcommittees. We had ACT UP and Queer Nation stalwart Ann Northrop on our facilitating team up front tonight. Ideas got very politically focused and very creative. Many of us will be at Queer Nation's meeting on the same topic tomorrow night at the LGBT Center at 7pm to figure out how we fit together.

Join us there. We are forming before our very own eyes and our heads are spinning but we are making this happen. ‪#‎gagging‬

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