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Whether you're an official member of GAG or not, all are welcome at GAG events. Along with our monthly meetings, we also host monthlyrallies, marches, and many other direct action events to put pressure on the gun industry. Let us know in advance if you or a loved one require special assistance like mobility help and we will work with you to ensure you're able to attend.

What is direct action?

Direct action is a tactic used to cause a disruption and force attention and change on a chosen issue.

What can I expect at a GAG event?

GAG is loud, proud, and in your face. Expect lots of pink and orange (our signature colors), singing, chanting, and disruption. Think: protest meets pride event.

Who is welcome at GAG events?

All are who are interested in stopping gun violence are welcome. All genders, sexualities, races, and abilities are respected and welcomed into GAG.

Is there risk of arrest?

Occasionally there will be events that are "arrestable actions", but most GAG events are not. We do offer training in civil disobedience occasionally. Ask a GAG member if you have concerns.

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